A-Line HO: #20006 FLYWHEEL .676" X 688" X 2 mm BRASS (2)


SKU: 20006

A Line Product #20006
Flywheels -- 21/32" x 11/16" x 2 mm pkg(2) / .676" X 688" X 2 mm  

Product Information

Precision machined from brass stock, flywheels are drilled and reamed for slip fit on drive shaft. Each pack includes two flywheels, with Athearn couplings installed and complete instructions. Dimensions shown are outside diameter, length and shaft size.
Flat can motor fits narrow hood units; Atlas, Athearn/GSB SD40-2, SD40T-2, Mantua GP20, Bachmann GP30, DD40X, BQ23-7, AHM RS-2, SD40. Fits on stock motored Atlas units. Also fits narrow hood brass imports and plastic diesels.

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