A-Line HO: #11007 BULLS EYE DRILL JIG, TAP JIG, TAP 2-56 with #50 Drill & 6 #2-56 screws, for Athearn coupler box cover repairs. 12 IN A PKG


SKU: 11007

A Line Product
To repair loose or drooping coupler box covers on Athearn Equipment. Coupler height is critical for trouble free operation of your equipment. This is why this tool is a MUST for anyone who runs Athearn equipment.
Coupler Box Covers drill and tap jig, -- For repair of Athearn Rolling Stock, pack comes with
2 x jigs,
1 x 2-56 tap
1 x #50 drill
& 6 screws.
#11007 A-LINE HO

Bulls Eye Drill & Tap Jigs


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