PRE Order: ABV ‘Arnott’s Biscuit Van’

PRE Order: ABV ‘Arnott’s Biscuit Van’

Their code stood for ‘Arnott’s Biscuit Van’, and its legendary contents made the ABV a very famous class of railway vehicle. Their sole reason for being was to transport the products of ‘Arnott’s Biscuits’ from their Nth Strathfield factory to all over NSW.

The reason behind their introduction was due to a packaging change made by Arnott’s in 1962. Previously biscuits were bulk packed in metal tins and were sold in shops by weight, the waterproof tins would adequately protect the biscuits whilst being transported in general louvred vans. In the early 1962, Arnott’s began to pack their products in smaller quantities and in transparent packets, which were then packed into cardboard boxes, these boxes now needed to be kept dry, and this bought about the need for a weatherproof vehicle.

The vans were modified from CV covered vans, their interiors were lined with Masonite and sealed from the elements. External diagonal bracing was added to strengthen the aging wagons. This bracing was an easy way to spot an ABV on a train.

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Pack 1: ABV 3856, ABV 3893, ABV 13902

Pack 2: ABV 17648, ABV 20877, ABV 7786

Pack 3: ABV 9446, ABV 4433, ABV 8797

Pack 4: ABV 13941, ABV 13856, ABV 20310

Pack 5: ABV 7591, ABV 14699, ABV 5466

Pack 6: ABV 10085 (Red), ABV 3922 (Blue), ABV 4501 (Blue)




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