V 1. Z19 1938 DCC SOUND, Thow Cab (Porthole).,NO HEADLIGHT, with Marker Lights, BP 6 Wheel Tender. Casula Hobbies Mode; Railways. RTR.( maybe the last one left.)

Casula Hobbies Model Railways

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V 1. Z19 1938 DCC SOUND, Thow Cab (Porthole Cab)., with Marker Lights, NO HEADLIGHT, BP 6 Wheel Tender,  

The DCC Model come with DCC SOUND FITTED PCB board with lights and speaker installed with "next" 18 pin sound decoder. 

Due to the covert delay with this model I have had the chance to do many improvements.

 1. the testing of motors and picking the best.

 2. the gearing.


3. the best is have models fitted with sound decoder so that one has not to open or take apart the locomotive to fit DCC and sound which lessens the chance of damaging the model.


* Heavy die-cast metal chassis, boiler and footplate.

* ABS metal, separately appied detail.

* Stainless steel tyres on all wheels.

* All wheel pick-up - engine and tender.

* Metal handrails. 

* Kadee 158 coupling fore and aft.

* Factory painted and decorated.

* 18" minimum recommended radius.

* RP25/88 flanges - will operate on code 70, 83 and 100 track.

* Operating LED lights, front and rear on light fitted models.

* Selection of numbers and tender types.

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Made in China.

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