Tortoise Slow Motion Switch Machine (point Motors) "Circuitron" #800-6000


SKU: 800-6000

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PATENTED, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY DESIGN! Lowest Current Drain Switch Machine Available (4 ma. during operation, 15 ma. at stall). Motor stalls at each end of throw— No Cutoff Contacts Necessary. Precision Engineered Gear-Drive Mechanism (superior to screwdrive machines). Enclosed Construction. Constant Tension on the Switch Points. • ULTRA-SIMPLE MOUNTING! No Additional Brackets or Linkage Necessary. Fulcrum adjusts for use in all Scales - Z to G. FEATURES • PROTOTYPICAL SLOW MOTION ACTION! 3 Seconds to Complete Throw. • CONVENIENT AUXILIARY CONTACTS! 2 Sets SPDT Provided for Powering the Frog or Signals. • SIMPLIFIED WIRING! • ALSO IDEAL FOR GRADE CROSSING GATES AND SEMAPHORES! • UNPRECEDENTED 9 YEAR WARRANTY!

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