SKP-05 Peco Water Meadow Photographic Backscene 800 mm x 320 mm 3 sheet in a pack.


SKU: skp05

Peco Scenic Backscenes for Model Railways All Gauges


Our scenic background range captures the variety on the British landscape, from industrial cities and docks to small country towns, fields and mountains. The sheets can be assembled in almost any combination, consistent horizon heights and special extension sheets make it easy to accommodate transitions from town to countryside and back again. The choice of sheet size will obviously depend to some degree on the model scale. Bear in mind that perspective only ever makes things appear smaller not larger, so if you are unsure, remember 1 golden rule. A backscene that appears to be a larger scale than the foreground models will always look wrong.


SKP-05 Peco Water Meadow Photographic Backscene 

Supplied as 3 pieces which are 13" 33cm high.

Total length 2.4m, nearly 8' foot

Match at either end with other backscenes

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