SILVERMAZ Model Railways : "LCH" 4 Wheel coal hopper wagon of NSWGR HO Kits.

Silvermaz Model Railways


The NSWGR LCH four wheel Coal Hopper wagon. (Est. 1982) 

This is the first and start of Australian made plastic injected model kits of an Australian model train under the brand "TRAX" MODEL RAILWAYS started by my self Joe Callipari (CASULA HOBBIES) and John Essie (AUSTRAINS) the TRAX kits after 1985 were then sold under the brand Silvermaz Model Railways AND still proudly made in Australia by Casula Hobbies.  

SILVERMAZ Model Railways of N.S.W. HO KITS: " LCH " 4 Wheel Coal Hopper wagon  Plastic Injection Body Kit.

Made in Australia by CASULA HOBBIES.

LCH coal hopper Wagon kit of NSWGR


*Metal Wheels.



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