Ratio: 460 GWR Square Post Signal (Home) Lower Quadrant Plastic Kit OO Gauge.


SKU: 460

Ratio 460 GWR (Great Western Railway) Home Signal Plastic Kit OO Gauge. Please note plastic kits require Paint and Glue to complete. Signals Are Crucial To The Safe Running Railway. The Very First Signals Were Hand-Operated Individually By A Signal "Policeman". Later, Wires And Control Made It Possible To Group LEvers Into Signal Box. Finally The Telegraph Bell Code System Enabled Boxes To Communicate With Each Other And Conduct Trains Safely Throughout The System. Today, Semaphone Signals Are Rare, But Are Still In Use For Now In Cornwall And On "The Settle To Carisle Line". Mostly They Can Be Seen Working On Preserved Railways. The Correct Placing Of Semaphone Signals Is An Interesting Aspect Of The Hobby And A Useful Introduction Will Be Found In The Peco Show You How Booklets No: 22

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