Noch: Scatter Grass Ornamental Lawn 1.5mm


SKU: 8214

Details Scatter Grass “Ornamental Lawn” 1,5 mm, 20 g

The 1.5 mm grass fibres are specially suited for the N and Z model scales or as well trimmed fields on the H0 scale.
The 2.5 mm grass fibres are the H0 scale's standard length.
Due to the great variety of different colours, very realistic meadows and fields can be re-created.
The 1.5 mm and the 2.5 mm fibres can be electro-magnetically flocked with the NOCH Grass Spray Tube or the NOCH Grass Master 2.0.
Contents: 20.00 g
Packaging Unit: 1 Bag(s)
Length: 1.50 mm

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