Noch: Red Brick Wall Cardboard “Red Brick” 32 x 15 cm H0/TT/0 Item ref. 57550


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Cardboard “Red Brick” 9in x 6in or 32 x 15 cm H0/TT/Item ref. 57550

Bricklaying Has Never Been So Easy!

The embossed Wall Sheets with photorealistic wall motifs are ideal for creating walls by mountains and rocks, town centres, tunnel entrances, and much more. With the brick look, old buildings, train stations and even garden enclosures can be designed in even more detail.

The Wall Sheet “Brick”, Extra Long is perfectly suited to being used for H0 and TT gauge.

Product benefits:

  • Realistic appearance thanks to photorealistic wall motifs
  • Structured surfaces, as Wall Sheets are made of embossed cardboard
  • Easy processing: cut to size with scissors and glue on
  • Available in two lengths

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