Noch: Quarrystone Wall Sheet 32 x 15 cm


SKU: 56640

The 3D Cardboard Sheet “Quarrystone Wall” is ideal for making scenic surroundings look even more customised and realistic. The Cardboard Sheet can be used to make very customised designs. The Quarrystone Wall is ideal for use at train stations, for city walls or in a private garden. The detailed print looks very realistic, and you can hardly distinguish between this model and the real thing. Create a one of a kind on your model landscape with the 3D Cardboard Sheets and skilfully draw attention to special places in the little world you have built.

The 3D Cardboard Sheets are printed on thick cardboard in realistic matte colours and then press formed. The Cardboard Sheets can easily be cut to size. Due to the high-quality cardboard, the sheets can be bent without any problems and thus perfectly installed.

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