Noch: 58248 - Tunnel - Portal - 23.5 x 13 cm HO 'Bruchsteinmauer'


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Two Trains Are Coming Through

The Double-Track Tunnel Portal from the “Quarrystone Wall” hard foam series is ideal for designing realistic double-track tunnel and mountain entrances. The portal in H0 gauge (1:87 scale) doesn’t just shape the face of a railway landscape – in nature as well as in the model on your layout.

The extremely realistic stone structure of the “Quarrystone Wall” hard foam series is convincing. The products in this series are ideal for realising structures in rural settings, such as viaducts or mountain tunnel routes.

The Tunnel Portal made of structured hard foam is very lightweight yet still stable; the portal also looks extremely realistic. The portal can easily be reworked with a Stanley knife and cut to the correct size.

Info tip: most structured hard foam NOCH Bridges have the same stone structure as the “Quarrystone Wall” series. Therefore, the hard foam bridges and the “Quarrystone Wall” hard foam series can be ideally combined.

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