Noch: 25088 - Deciduous Trees - 7 trees in a pack


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Rustling Leaves That Fall from Deciduous Trees!

The “Deciduous Trees” are ideal for recreating high-quality, realistic landscape scenes in a model landscape. There are a great many forests in real life, and they should not be missing on a model landscape either. Whether they’re firs, spruces, larches or Mediterranean trees, the most varied tree species make a landscape scene even more realistic and idyllic. The “Deciduous Trees” transform into great colourful scenes in the different seasons. Whether they’re snowy in winter, green in spring or reddish yellow in autumn, “Winter Trees” give every model landscape an even more realistic and harmonious appearance. Recreate idyllic nature scenes with the “Winter Trees” and provide a real eyecatcher on your layout.

The Classic series is a real classic in the NOCH Trees range. With the new Saver Sets, we have now implemented a brand-new idea that combines three advantages: on the one hand, you can enjoy a unique price-performance ratio, since each tree is roughly 20% cheaper in the Saver Set than in the normal pack of 3, for example. On the other hand, by purchasing the Saver Set, you take a stand against climate change: for every 100 Model Trees sold, the organisation Plant for the Planet plants a real tree on our behalf.

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