Noch: 14300 - Laser Cut - Milestones - 20 pieces in pack


SKU: 14300


Small, Realistic Details on Every Model Railway Line

The NOCH “Milestones” are ideal for designing every train line in a model railway landscape with even more realistic details. The milestones are mainly along non-electrified branch lines. The upper number shows the distance in kilometres, the lower the 100-metre mark. For example, 66/1 stands for kilometre 66.1. As on a real railway line, you can now also graphically display the distances in kilometres on your model layout and obtain even more realistic results with small details. The train drives passengers to their destination. Whether it’s a business trip, a visit to loved ones or a nice excursion, the train is a very popular commercial vehicle. Every model landscape acquires an even more realistic appearance through individually designed train routes. Small details like the “Milestones” make it look even more lifelike. Design your model landscape with even more details and skilfully put it in the spotlight.

The distances in kilometres on the stones are selected at random.

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