CtrlP Railway Models - RHG/PHV 2402 Power Van Kit

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The NSW RHG/PHV/OPV Power Vans were built in the 1970s from GLV louvre vans to initially fulfill freight duties. Due to a shortage of power vans available they were transferred to passenger services.

The kits are available in 5 HO scale variants representing the three cars built and the changes in livery, coding and modifications over their working life. Each variant features specifically modeled details and decals as per the prototype.

Early variants (These can be built as either Indian Red or Candy depending on your era)

Kit Features:

- Highly detailed and variant specific HO scale 3D printed resin body and exterior/interior detail parts

- Flush glaze windows

- Rubber gangway covers

- Transparent marker light elements

- Laser cut steel chassis brace

- Scale brake chain

- Nickel Silver etched details

- Genuine Kadee scale head whisker couplers

- Prototypical 2CR (formerly 2BJ) Bogies with Tangent semi-scale blackened metal wheelsets and brass pin-point bearings

- Variant specific decals

- Brass wire for all brake rigging and handrails

- 3D printed handrail jig

- Screws

- Designed for easy fitting and of DCC Sound and lighting components (not included with kit)


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