Walthers: Modern Roundhouse 3 Add-On Stalls -- Kit - 'N GAUGE'


SKU: 933-3261


Modern Roundhouse 3 Add-On Stalls -- Kit - 10-13/16 x 3-15/16" 27.4 x 10cm; Stall Width at Rear: 3-3/16" 8.1cm


The Walthers Cornerstone 3-Stall Modern Roundhouse will be a hallmark of later steam-era railroading on your layout. These add-on stalls allow you to expand your Modern Roundhouse with additional stalls. Roundhouse size was based on the number of engines coming and going in any 24-hour period, with the busiest terminals requiring full-circle roundhouses, so these extra stalls will allow you to match your roundhouse to your layout's needs.

This detailed Modern Roundhouse 3 Add-On Stalls kit includes three stalls on 10-degree centers to make the most of your available space like the prototype. Side walls are included in the Modern Roundhouse kit 933-3260, sold separately. For more realism, interior and exterior brick wall details, fine windows, floor inspection pits and much more are all standard. Check out the variety of Cornerstone N Scale railroad and maintenance structures.

Extra stalls for the Modern Roundhouse 933-3260
Authentic North American prototype
Kit includes no side walls - those are included with the Modern Roundhouse 933-3260, sold separately
Holds engines up to 125 scale feet long
Modular design - easily expanded to a full circle
Compact 10-degree stall spacing
Interior and exterior brick detail
Fine window details
Floor inspection pits
Decal signs included

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