TENDER - NSWGR BOGIE BALDWIN TENDER. It is DCC SOUND READY with Speaker installed - By Casula Hobbies: RTR.

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NSWGR Bogie Baldwin Tender.


* It is DCC SOUND READY with Speaker installed 

* Heavy die-cast metal chassis, 

* ABS metal, separately applied detailing.

* Stainless steel tyres on all wheels.

* All wheel pick-up - tender.

* Metal handrails. 

* Comes with Kadee No158 coupling.

* Factory painted un-numbered.

* 18" minimum recommended radius.

* RP25/88 flanges - will operate on code 70, 83 and 100 track.

* Operating LED lights,

Lay-by available. Contact shop for more details..

For more information please feel free to email us at sales@casulahobbies.com.au or call us at the shop on 02 9602 8640

Made in China.

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