ESU 51900 - LokSound By ESU 51900 Decoder Tester. DCC.


SKU: 51900

This is a LokSound By ESU 397-51900 ALL Scales Decoder Tester Makes sure decoders work properly before installation in locos with this handy tool. Unit includes a six-wire NEM 651 harness and an eight-wire NEM 652 interface, along with a 21-pin mtc interface; decoders without plugs can be connected using alligator clips (not included). A high quality, 5 pole skewed armature can motor with flywheel lets you check motor output and test slow and constant speed characteristics of your decoder. An LED-monitor shows the function of the head- and rear lights, as well as function outputs AUX 1 (green), and AUX 2 (violet). A 20 mm speaker is included for testing sound decoders. A screw terminal assures safe connection between the Profi-Tester and the Digital central station-, or LokProgrammer (each sold separately).


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