NHVF 35128 SINGLE COAL HOPPER FROM PACK 08 IDR Models 1980’s PTC Blue with Dark / light blue L7 logo NSWGR

IDR Models

SKU: NHVF35128


NHVF – FROM Pack-08 1980’s PTC Blue with Dark / light blue L7 logo Wagon SINGLE MODEL Numbers; 35128, Bogie coal Wagon HO IDR models 

Two Hundred of the CHS / NHVF wagons where build by Vickers – Scott’s of of Ipswich, QLD in 1976-77, numbered 35101-35300.

Model Features;

: Ready to Run

: Kadee 158 scale head couplers

: Semi Scale 10.5mm blackened metal wheels

: Removeable coal load

: Internal Body details

: Full Brake rigging and under floor detail

: Fully painted and decorated

: Five Versions available from mid 1970’s to 2000’s

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