AHUF 1996-A Ballast wagon - AN Green with LOAD "Hand Built R.T.R. Models" Note; Orders over a $100.00 a free postage is offered.

Orient Express Reproductions


Note; Orders over a $100.00 a free postage is offered. 

South Australian Ballast Wagons

Hand Built MODELS Well-Built and Painted HO Scale - Ready-to-Run.

Model features include:

  • POLYURETHAN Molded, Genuine Kadee Couplers, Metal Wheels, Detailed.

·          Please note;

Please note;

1. This model is not on display in the shop showcases it is held for website order sales.

2. You can ring us to hold any models for pick up from the shop or you can ring us place an order using card payment and can put a Lay-By on for a 12 week period all over the phone.

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