Cmos Engineering Cab Control Bus Panel Version CCB-0 RJ12 plugs Extending the bus using Flat Modular Phone Cable

Cmos engineering


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Will work with NCE and other brands.

The cmOS Engineering CCB is an connection point for DCC Control Cabs which use RS485 communication. It comes in several different models which faciliate either connecting to the DCC Command Station by modular flat telephone cable or CAT 5/6 cable.

It also allows the insertion of additional DC power required by the Cabs as the distance from the Command Station increases.

The standard model (CCB-0) utilises modular flat telephone cable (using RJ12 connectors) which is the standard cable used by the original equipment manufacturers.

The CAT 5/6 model (CCB-1) utilises CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable which provides greater electrical noise immunity and also allows longer distances bewteen the placement of additional Cab power supplies

Dimensions Mounting Weight
Width: 76mm Height: 51mm       4 x 5.0mm holes 30g - 1.0oz
Operating Storage
-40°C to 85°C; Humidity <90% -60°C to 150°C; Humidity <90%
Absolute Maxima Supply Voltage 15.0 Volts DC current depends on current required by connected Cabs .
Connectors 1 x 3.5mm phone jack - tip positive
CCB-0: 4 x RJ12
CCB-1: 3 x RJ12, 2 x RJ45

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