Four Wheel Good's Wagon Train: GSV Sheep Van : Pack No2, Pack of four : No's 26566, #26573, #26579, #26585. Casula Hobbies Model Railways RTR

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NO2. Casula Hobbies Model Railways: 4 Wheel Sheep Van :  Pack of four : No's 26566, #26573, #26579, #26585..*

Our next goods wagons are a series built of the standard post-WW2 welded steel under-frame, widely adopted from 1946. A.E. Goodwin built 250 GSV sheep vans in 1947-48, the last four-wheel sheep vans ordered. They also built 250 under-frames for 250 CW cattle vans, which had a new design of departmentally built body. These were the last four-wheel CW design. Immediately after the war, over 360 older 18ft LV van bodies were rebuilt and fitted with milk tanks, which also entailed opening up panels in the body to allow washing out when empty. Some of these LV milk vans carried name boards for the Dairy Farmers Co-operative Milk Co. All these vehicles were a common part of the NSWGR Scene between 1948 and the mid-1970s. 

Casula Hobbies is proud to announce the next in our series of HO scale NSWGR goods wagons The LV, CW and GSV These models are from all-new tooling from China and feature free-rolling one piece POM chassis with metal tyre. 10.5mm diameter, eight spoke RP25-88 wheels. Bodies and chassis are fully detailed with Westinghouse brake gear, Cammell buffers, brake hoses and metal bars in the GSV. The roof and body of the GSV and CW roof are removable to allow you to populate your stock vehicles. The vehicles are available in a variety of four packs with a variety of configurations. See our website for details and to order online now.

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