ABV Pk1 Masonite Casula Hobbies RTR : NSWR ABV Arnott’s Biscuit Van with GREY MASONITE SIDING IMPEIAL : 3 Vans : Grey ABV 3856, Grey ABV 3893, Grey ABV 13902 (In Stock Now). *

Casula Hobbies Model Railways

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Casula Hobbies Ready To Run NSWGR Models Made in China.

Converted from CV vans between 1963 and 1966, the 53 ABV vans were dedicated to the biscuit traffic between Arnott’s North Strathfield factory and its distribution centres in regional NSW. The inside of the CV van was lined with a smooth sheet and in many cases, the lining boards were replaced entirely with plywood, as occurred on the doors of all vehicles. The Distinctive feature was a pair of external diagonal steel braces on each side of the body, making the vans instantly recognisable. All were issued to traffic
in the standard NSWGR dark grey, but after the formation of the PTC in 1972 many received Teal blue paint, some all over and some with white roofs. A late survivor, ABV 10085, was again repainted by the new SRA administration in its dark red freight stock livery.
The last five vans of this type were condemned in December 1983.
Casula Hobbies’ HO model of the ABV features correct post-war standard steel underframe, smooth
panelling, separate etched braces, disc wheels, Kadee 158 “Whisker” couplers and full Westinghouse brake gear.
It is produced in NSWGR dark grey with Imperial markings, PTC blue with metric markings and 10085 in
SRA red with metric markings.

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