AUSTRAINS NEO - LHG 6971 No End Windows Wagon Grey




160 of these 49’3” long vans were built by three different companies between 1915-16 through to 1921-22, all rode on 7’0” wheelbase bogies. Kilborn and Willick constructed 55 vans, Meadowbank Mfg Co constructed 55 vans and Clyde Eng 50 vans. All were built with end windows in the Guards section, these were later removed from about the 1940s. 

They were coded LHG from delivery, some were coded OHG with screw couplings for passenger train working but reverted to LHG with auto couplers in the early 1960s.

100 vans were recycled with their underframes being shortened for the OHG programme, 18 were reused as W&W vehicles.  

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