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Details scatter grass

Grass fibers for "international use" outside the general government!
Grass fibers in muted colors, 2.5 mm long
Yes, we admit it: we are an Allgäu company and the colors of the meadows on our doorstep are really as colorful and rich as most grass fibers in the STILL program! But we always get the desire for grass fibers in muted colors, because many model makers want to recreate landscapes of other regions in Germany, the USA, Japan, Europe, etc. We are happy to meet this request and will be presenting four new, muted colors in 2017, which will make professional landscaping even more realistic!
The fibers are each 2.5 mm long and can be processed with the grass spray can (Item No. 08100) and the Grasmaster 2.0 (Item No. 60135). We also recommend the use of the NOCH Grass Glue (Art. No. 61130).

Content: 20.00 g
Packaging Unit: 1 piece
Length: 2.50 mm

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