CON 003 - INFRONT MODELS - 20'0 ISO Compressed Gas Cylinder Container 'Hydrogen Compressed



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This kit is based on the AIR LIQUIDE, 20’0″ ISO compressed gas cylinder cradle container. These types of gas containers are used all over Australia as domestic transport, from early 2000’s to present day. Prototypes are also designed as 40’0″ length. Both 20’0″ & 40’0″versions can be stacked as two, three or four cylinder high units per container cradle.

Box includes one (1) container kit, decals and instructions. 3 X different container road numbers to choose from.

Sharp point side cutters, snap blade knife, 240 grit sand paper, small flat file, SuperGlue, steel ruler and flat tip tweezers are required for assembly. Recommended paint is Tamiya Pure White paint #TS-26.

Please note: this is a 3D resin print. Extra care is needed around the finer detail parts when removing from the sprues as these areas can be fragile.

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