Peco PT-60 Flexi Loco Lift (Single)


SKU: PT-60


A new multi-gauge loco-lift design is being developed by Peco to replace the OO/HO-only SL-43. This single unit will hold a small steam locomotive or diesel shunting engine in OO or a mainline steam or diesel locomotive in N gauge.

The concept behind the new loco lift design is that it will be adjustable, suitable for N, OO-9, HOn3, HOm and OO/HO trains. The units will require some assembly, but being very easy to construct the modeller can set the gauge according to their needs. A basic single unit loco-lift, PT-60, will accommodate a small OO/HO locomotive such as an 0-6-0 shunter or tank engine, but adjusted for N scale a longer locomotive such as a Pacific type will fit very easily. A twin-unit PT-61, comprising two single units which are designed to be joined will be perfect for longer OO/HO locomotives, or even a short train when adjusted for N

Designed as a replacement for the OO-only SL-43 Loco Lift this new versatile system still has the features that made the SL-43 so popular, such as the ability to directly drive the locomotive on and off the track, but this new system has been developed to adapt to all scales from N through to EM, including OO-9 (HOe), HOn3, TT, HOm and OO/HO.

The gauge is selected by simply sliding the two halves together until the right gauge is reached (there are guide marks on the mouldings to help with that) and then self-tapping screws secure things in place. When placed on the track the metal plates that act as the track ensure that locomotives can be driven on and off with ease. Each Flexi Loco Lift is supplied with two sliding shutter doors, provided to make sure nothing falls out whilst being transported and these are trimmed to suit the gauge selected. It is as simple as that! No gluing required.

The new loco lifts are supplied in either a single- or double-unit packs and can be clipped together to extend the enclose length, making them suitable for handling short trains. They have also been designed to stack easily and sit comfortably side by side so modellers may actually choose to use them for storage for favourite or regularly used models.

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