QR Wuiske Models 2107D Loco : RTR063: HO 12 mm: QR blue/gray 2100 Class : #2107D DRIVER ONLY

Wuiske Models


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Wuiske Models: RTR: HOn3½: 2100 Class:


  • All Wheel Pick Up.
  • All Wheel Drive.
  • Directional LED headlights and marker lights.
  • Separate operating Number Boards.
  • Fine (0.6mm) Acetal Handrails.
  • Multiple Body Variations
  • 18" Minimum Radius.
  • Ready To Run.
  • Fine scale RP25-88, Blackened, Brass Wheels.
  • Injection moulded (ABS and POM) Body and Components.
  • Separately applied stainless steel, brass and plastic components.
  • Factory painted and decorated.
  • Genuine Scale Kadee #58 Scale Couplers.
  • Accurate printing and stencilling.
  • Height adjustable Coupler Pockets. 

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