NR30 SOUND "National Rail grey" Locomotive By SDS Austrains Neo cat,#508 DCC HO NEW


SKU: NR30 #508 NEO

 NEW Austrains Neo: DC Powered: NR Class Locomotive: 

Introduced in 1996 by National Rail Corporation these 120 units were built by A Goninan and Co. The locomotives are 3000kw General Electric powered and used on standard gauge Australia wide.

They were introduced in grey and marigold and several were painted into various business units of NRC. Later they wore GSR train liveries representing the Hook and Pull agreement between the two companies.

In 2002 Pacific National acquired the assets of NRC and commenced to repaint the NR class into their new blue and yellow colours.

The model features the current tooling from Austrains and includes operating headlights, marker and ditch lights and is Kadee equipped. These are an ideal way to add colour to your collection.




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