M00138 “The Jackson 3” Round House



M00138 “The Jackson 3” Round House

Three bay Round house will suite all turn tables. 800mm required from centre of rurn table to back wall of round house.

Only one on the market that I know about that will hold a Garratt in HO scale.

The Jackson 3 was designed because i was asked for a roundhouse that would hold a “Garratt” and people keep asking for a three bay version.

So with nearly loss of life and great resilience “The Jackson 3″ round house has arrived.

The kit has a foot print of 310mm x 406 and stands 150mm high.

The Jackson 3 will hold a garratt as the happy snap demonstrates.

It was designed to fit a 130ft turn table but it will fit the rest, except the garratt wont fit on them.

You require a distance of 800mm from the centre of your turn table to the back wall of the round house. This will give you 170mm from the front of the round house to the edge of the turn table.

If you have a  130 ft  turn table you will have 170mm front of building to edge of turn table.

105 ft     ”                 ”         ”       214mm        ”                    ”                           ”

90 ft        ”                         ”         240mm ”                       ”                             ”

75 ft        ”            ”              ”       266mm         ”              ”                   ”            ‘

60 ft  ”            ”              ”             293mm       ”                   ”              ”              “

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