X214 IDR Models: X214 NSWGR LOCOMOTIVE RAIL TRACTOR - INDIAN RED fitted with DCC Decoder NON SOUND (Address No214)

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- IDR Models
X200 Rail Tractor X214
HO Scale Ready-To-Run DCC model NON Sound.
5 Pole skew wound motor                      
Blackened metal disc wheels 
Plastic (ABS) Body                                     
Heavy metal chassis                               
Brass flywheel
Factory painted & decorated                      
Separately applied metal parts                                              
18" Recommended minimum radius
Will operate on code 100, 83 & 75 track    
Operating Headlights                               
Genuine Kadee couplers 
All wheel drive and pickup                         
DCC Ready 8 pin Socket note; this model is fitted with a non sound DCC decoder.

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