Replacement Chassis for SRM Endeavour and Xplorer - Single Dummy Car Chassis #CPMENDXPL 002 CtrlP Railway Models

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A 3D printed replacement chassis kit for Southern Rail Models Endeavour and Xplorer models. If you have a warped or broken diecast metal chassis on your Endeavour or Xplorer models as has been a common issue, these 3D printed resin replacement chassis will get you back on the rails.

They have been designed as a replacement for the original chassis, making use of the remaining original components with no modifications necessary. The replacement chassis were redesigned to reduce the chances of future sagging at the ends with additional supports.

The chassis are made from 3D printed engineering grade resin, they are supplied unpainted and come with external detail components including steps and cowcatchers to be fitted during the install.

Please note there are 2 versions of cowcatcher depending on the year the model represents, both will be provided with the Power and Dummy cars for you to choose which suits your model.

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