79 Class NSWGR 79 Class SHUNTER - The Model Dockyard Diesel Shunter Mint Un painted Condition Brass Model.


SKU: J2954

NEW MODEL The original first diesel locomotive of the NSWGR 79 Class this model is from THE MODELDOCK YARD Brass Models collection from Melbourne, this is were I started with Australian Brass Models thanks to the Model dockyard and George Bergs of BERGS HOBBIES.

This is one model I put aside for me from the first order received from Melbourne test runs only and never painted. IN ORIGINAL BOX.

 At the end of the war, they were put into use by the New South Wales Government Railways as coaching shunters at Sydney’s Central station and the Eveleigh Carriage Workshops. They were given road numbers 7920 to 7923, 


79 Class - The Model Dockyard - GE Diesel Shunter of the NSWGR 79 Class - Mint Un painted Brass Model.

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