Auscision Models: V Set SRA CANDY with Blue & Yellow L7 Set V33 4 Car Set #NPS-42



NPS-42 V Set 4 Car Set, SRA Candy Livery with Blue/Yellow L7 Side Logos 



  Set V33 Car Numbers: DJM-8093, DIT-9116, DIT-9148, DJM-8100

  • Ready-to-run
  • Plastic (ABS) body
  • Blackened metal disc wheels (RP25-110)
  • Scale size metal knuckle couplers
  • 8 Different liveries available
  • Highly detailed bogies
  • Factory painted & decorated.
  • 24" Recommended minimum radius. Models will operate on 18 inch curves if the supplied long shank couplers are fitted
  • Will operate on code 70, 83 & 100 rail
  • Detailed cab interior with driver & guard figures
  • Passenger seat details in all cars and on all 3 levels
  • Operating LED headlights & marker lights with manual override switch
  • Operating blue guards light (on some versions only)
  • Operation ditch lights (on some versions only)
  • 5-Pole skew wound motor with twin brass flywheels.
  • DCC Ready with 21 pin socket
  • 9 Different body versions
  • Heavy die cast chassis in power car
  • Sprung metal pantographs
  • Orange or black tinted windows as per the prototype
  • Operating diaphragms
  • Metal etched windscreen wipers
  • All wheel drive (on power car)
  • All wheel power pick up (on power car)
  • Separately applied air hoses
  • Metal and plastic handrails
  • Sound ready with 40 x 20 speaker enclosure for ease of fitting sound

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