3048 - Austrains: NSWGR C30 Tank locomotive without headlight #3048 with Grated Bunker



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Austrains: NSWGR C30 Tank #3048.

Austrians Models, C30 TANK LOCOMOTIVE, Removing the body.

To remove the C30 tank loco body, take out the two Phillip head screws that are in line with the two bogies screws at each end of the loco. Note; do not remove the bogies screws. look out for the two-guard iron on the front beam either side of  the coupler, if you are able to pull them out, if not watch out for them dropping out when removing the chassis,

The chassis/driving wheels with cylinders come out by lifting the rear end first.

Take care of the light wires between the body and the board at both ends.

The four Phillip head screws that are on either side hold on the side tanks only no need to remove.

All the screws on the rear of the loco are as on the sheet from Austrians’ for fitting decoders.

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