2nd hand - Wuiske Models one for sale QR QLCP32569 Q-LINK TAUTLINER MODEL Undecorated HO BOGIES. ****SINGLE

2ND HAND Locomotive

SKU: QLCP32569

Consignment QCLP 32569 Single sale TARTLINER MINT CONDITION "HO BOGIES" 

Buffers are included and can be fitted if desired.
18" Minimum Radius.
Ready To Run.
Fine scale RP25-88, blackened, brass wheels.
Injection moulded (ABS and POM) body and components.
Separately applied stainless steel, brass and plastic components.
Factory painted and decorated.
Genuine Scale Kadee 158 whisker couplers.
Accurate printing and stencilling.
Height adjustable.
Larger radius curves will be required if fitting the buffers.
**PLEASE NOTE** Coupler trip pins will need to be adjusted due to the accurate coupler height.
The QSC Tautliner wagons were modified from the Commonwealth Engineering built QLX wagons of 1963-1964.
The QSC wagons were introduced in 5 batches from 1988 to 1992.
In total, the Queensland Government railways converted 51 wagons into QSCs.

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 16/008  No13.

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