2nd hand - Wuiske Models SEE IF WE STILL HAVE IT ?????? QLD RAILWAYS - 1550 Class - #1572H RTR033 HO - Driver Only Corporate Livery (1994-2006) 37/003

2ND HAND Locomotive

SKU: 37-003

as new in Great Condition - 16.5mm gauge. 

Wuiske Models, in partnership with Haskell Co, have released the 1550 Class locomoties.
All Wheel Pick Up.
All Wheel Drive.
Directional LED headlights and marker lights.
Separate operating Number Boards.
Fine (0.6mm) Acetal Handrails.
Multiple Body Variations
18" Minimum Radius.
Ready To Run.
Fine scale RP25-88, Blackened, Brass Wheels.
Injection moulded (ABS and POM) Body and Components.
Separately applied stainless steel, brass and plastic components.
Factory painted and decorated.
Genuine Scale Kadee #58 Scale Couplers.
Accurate printing and stencilling.
Height adjustable Coupler Pockets.
The 1550 class is the FIRST EVER mass produced RTR locomotive for Queensland modellers. These fine models have been developed over an extensive period and designed to give you many years of operating pleasure.
The 1550 class was built by Clyde Engineering in Queensland and were designed as a general-purpose version of the popular 2100 class coal hauling locomotives. They were fitted with a 12 Cylinder version of the tried and tested 645 power plant and were rated exactly the same as the 1502 class.
The first 6 units, 1550-1555 were introduced in 1972. A further 10 units (1556-1565) entered service in 1975 whilst units 1566-1576 were delivered soon after.
The last six units were used exclusively in Goonyella Coal Traffic up until the late 1980s, for use in shunting and infrastructure trains.
All other members of the class were converted to the 2300 class (1564 became 2301) between 1997 and 2000. The final six units became part of the 2250 class, beginning in 2005

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